Hi, I am Hoyomann

and I offer Hormone yoga for men in my

"You are the helmsmen - direct the energy in your body!" 

Why should you try Get Back program?

Are you dissatisfied and easily irritated? Do you feel listless and tired? Is your weight taking on unusual proportions? Do you no longer feel as strong and persuasive as you used to? Do you feel less inclined to have sex? Let me show you how you can get that back! Find out more here!

The Get Back program offers several clear advantages:

  • Improved vitality and energy by increasing testosterone levels 
  • Strengthening the physique 
  •    Boosting the metabolisms
  •    Healthy sex life
  •    Mental balance - less stress
  •    Eliminate sleep disorders

Suitable for all men!

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About me

I have been practicing yoga for 20 years, trained as an Anusara yoga teacher and hormone yoga teacher for men...

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