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Get Back program in different courses  

Get Back Individual course

In our joint meetings you will learn from my Get Back concept various techniques for warming up, breathing and activating your hormonal balance. Your individual requirements will be taken into account. The one-to-one lesson consists of 3 x 120 minutes, which are completed in close proximity to each other.


Get Back Individual course - online

No matter where you are in the world, with a bit of technology we can also conduct individual lessons online.


Get Back group course

In group lessons I offer my program for smaller company teams in the office or with friends and relatives at your home or other suitable locations.


Get Back Workshop

In the workshops we work together in a protected atmosphere with the aim of reducing the age-related and stress-related hormone breakdown by learning my get back techniques.


That SPEAKS FOR THe Get Back Program

What qualifies me:

Long-term experince as a yoga and hormone yoga teacher

Flexibility in the timing of your course

Supervision to maximize success