Why the Get Back program for you?

Are you dissatisfied and easily irritated? Do you feel listless and tired? Is your weight taking on unusual proportions? Do you no longer feel as strong and persuasive as you used to? Do you feel less inclined to have sex? In most cases, these symptoms are due to changes in the hormonal balance in your body. This is a natural process that you can, of course, counteract. My Get Back program for men can help you get your hormone production going. It is a combination of light body and concentration exercises with effective breathing techniques and relaxation modules. You can feel vitality and strength in your body and be satisfied and relaxed at the same time. Let me show you how you can get that back! Find out more here!

Why hormonal yoga for men?

For us men, too, the hormonal balance, the performance and the production of the body's own hormones, change. From the age of 40 on, hormone levels begin to decline, and due to stress, this can even occur earlier. The sex hormone testosterone, which regulates the metabolism in the male body and has an impact on muscle mass, muscle strength and hair growth, is particularly affected. This change is sometimes referred to as andropause (“andro”, Greek for man). The negative effects of andropause are mostly evident in

 - general weakness of the body,

 - tiredness, 

 - overweight, 

 - decreasing libido,

 - reduced self-esteem,

 - growing dissatisfaction, or  

 - increased irritability.

Physical activities such as sports are then usually avoided, even though these would be particularly important during this time. An option for  getting hormone production going again is hormone yoga. With dynamic but not demanding exercises, hormonal yoga is ideal for specifically and efficiently restoring the hormonal balance.

Through certain body positions (called asanas), which are practiced simultaneously with special breathing techniques (bastrika and uchai), it is possible to achieve the desired success in a very short time.

What can hormone yoga do for men?

Hormonal yoga can have several effects on men. Here are just a few: 

 - Increased mobility, keeping the joints healthy, building up muscles

 - Improvedvitality and energy by increasing testosterone levels 

 - Healthy sex life

 - Stimulation of the metabolism 

 - Emotional stability 

 - Elimination of sleep disorders 

 - Reduction of fears and doubts  

 - Strengthening of self-confidence

Is hormonal yoga suitable for every man?


Exception: If you suffer from high blood pressure, have just had a heart operation or have cancer, hormonal yoga is not recommended without consulting a doctor first. Are you interested?